Technological structures & structural for material handling systems are a few other areas where lies our expertise.

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We Deltacom Structural Consultants is a leading name in Structural Engineering. Absolute passion and analytical creativity about STRUCTURES saw the birth of Deltacom Structural Consultants in 1994. Deltacom, through its journey of 2 decades, evolved as the prominent industry-leader in the field of Structural. Having an ear for every client concern, ability to look through the issue and generosity to go out of the way to reach 'out of the box' solution to serve efficient professional engineering services, offering structural engineering consultancy for various types of structures.

Ensuring structural stability is our work. Maintaining architectural flair is our passion. And achieving this fine balance within economical and constructional viability is our constant Endeavour. Right since our foundation, these standards have been driving us to meet the ever-soaring heights.